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Meet Our Team

John Wehmer, CFP®

Financial Advisor

As a personal financial advisor, John Wehmer enjoys learning about each client’s distinct situation, their short- and long-term goals, and then designing a comprehensive plan to help them pursue those aspirations.

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Jocelyn Haufle

Administrative Assistant

Jocelyn Haufle works closely with John Wehmer to deliver highly personal service to Cornerstone Wealth Management clients. She is known for an attention to detail that ensures an efficient experience.

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Khurram Naveed, CFA

Co-Portfolio Manager

Khurram Naveed, CFA, joined Cornerstone Wealth Management in 2017. He is a co-portfolio manager for the investment team and a member of the Investment Policy Committee. Prior to joining the firm, he was a business valuation analyst at...

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Leslie Garrison

Chief Operations Officer

Leslie Garrison joined Cornerstone Wealth Management in 2018 as the director of marketing. Today, she leads the operational efforts across the firm, ensuring that Cornerstone’s programs and services are running smoothly and...
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Liyin Bao, CFA

Portfolio Manager, LPL Operations Manager

Liyin Bao, CFA, leads the Cornerstone Wealth Portfolios team at Cornerstone Wealth Management. Since joining the firm in 2012, he has managed a broad range of equity and fixed income portfolios in the program. In 2019, Liyin took on...

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Megan Hill

Marketing Manager

Megan Hill joined Cornerstone Wealth Management in 2021 to work as a partner to advisors by aiding them in exploring and implementing various marketing and brand building techniques. With a background in journalism and strategic...

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